Thrice the number of McDonald’s

Like you, I’ve seen the faces of substance abuse—the familiar knock at the back door of the church by someone whose world is in turmoil as a result of alcohol abuse. And like you, I know that this problem affects more that just the abuser—it tears apart families, ruins careers and puts children at risk. As a pastor, I was amazed at how often poor decisions led to costly consequences. The number of people who were caught in this vicious and dangerous cycle, even at a small church like mine, was sometimes overwhelming.

Having seen this, it is hard for me to understand why anyone would want to increase the number of knocks on our doors. But that is exactly what Governor Bob McDonnell is about to do. In order to raise money for transportation, he wants to expand the number of liquor stores in Virginia to 1000—a three fold increase—as part of his plan to privatize the ABC store system in Virginia. Like you, I don’t think the state should be in the liquor business but if the alternative is three times as many liquor stores as there are McDonald’s in the state, I think we should stay the course. We simply do not need every WaWa and Sheetz selling whiskey or the local Food Lion and Walmart peddling liquor.

As you can see, this plan will put our communities at risk. I would like to ask you to do two things:

  1. Sign our online petition telling Virginia politicians that you do not want more liquor stores in your neighborhood.
  2. Join Pastors across Virginia on September 19th in preaching that this risky idea is out of touch with Virginia values.

Sign the petition today, and share with your community the risks of this plan, because more liquor stores means more knocks on your back door and it means more harm for all our communities.

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